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About Us

The Rural Routes program is in its 15th year of providing high-quality professional development support and services to adult ESL providers and ESL programs.

Rural Routes receives funding from Advanced Education & Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for ongoing ESL capacity development services to rural and small urban ESL providers in Alberta.

 The Rural Routes program improves access for small ESL programs and their providers located in urban areas.
We support and build capacity of ESL providers so they can offer culturally integrated English language programs and services to enhance economic and social integration in rural communities for adult newcomers.  

We reach beyond the NorQuest regional stewardship, as we are a provincially and federally funded program.Our clientele incudes the Community Adult Learning Progams (CAPS),  CALP partners, and non-CALPs such as church and library programs who provide front-line service that support newcomers to establish themselves in their communities throughout Alberta.   

We are committed to providing continued support to our current clients and welcome new communities, programs, and ESL providers.

Our Rural Regional Advisors and Intercultural specialists stay at the leading edge of new information, standards and resources being developed in Alberta and across the country so they can pass this information on through the services we offer. Our services align with Canadian Language Benchmarks, ATESL’s Best Practices, and Guidelines for ESL programming.