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Stakeholder Committee

The Stakeholder Committee is a diversified membership that includes provincial stakeholders related to newcomer economic and social integration in rural Alberta.

The intent of the committee is to guide how the NorQuest Rural Routes Initiative supports the immigrant integration needs of rural and small urban communities through its mandate of mentorship and professional development for ESL providers. The committee will guide the maintenance and development of strategic linkages with related stakeholders to Rural Routes services to address newcomer economic and social integration in rural Alberta.


  • Ensure partnerships amongst key stakeholders are transparent, action-orientated and for the good of the learner.
  • The committee will find ways to strengthen partnerships, services and grow synergies.
  • Identify and communicate current trends, standards, and resources that may affect services
  • Offer recommendations on future funding and pilot opportunities.
  • Review use of program resources to efficiently and appropriately meet the Rural Routes mandate.
  • Promote Rural Routes services across represented networks.
  • Review the Initiative to identify possible service improvements and ways to maximize outcomes.