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AMarshall - 12/2/2014 2:11:05 PM
UPDATE: Navigating the Interview: Presenting Yourself to Canadian Employers
This project created videos of 4 simulated job interviews demonstrating how diverse expectations and behaviors show up in a job interview with candidates from different cultural backgrounds. Two interview navigation guides were developed; one for immigrants to develop their abilities to navigate a Canadian job interview and one for HR professionals to develop their understanding of perspective of the person sitting across the interview table from themselves and their ability to adapt the interview process. An online assessment activity was also created.

We believe this project reduces barriers for immigrants in job interviews by helping them understand and navigate the ‘unwritten rules’ of the Canadian job interview. We also believe this project will systematically support HR Professionals and hiring managers to understand their unstated expectations of job candidates and improve their ability to hire qualified candidates from a diverse talent pool.

The resource is innovative in supporting both immigrants and HR professionals to understand the perspective of the other proponent in the job interview and to have increased adaptive skills to change their communication behaviors and better achieve their goals in the interview: a two-pronged approach to the differences that matter within a job interview.

200 people participated in the project as collaborators in resource development, reviewers from diverse ethnic communities and HR backgrounds, participants in pilot lessons, workshops and conference sessions. We appreciate all of the feedback we received to enhance the final product.

Sponsored by International Qualification Assessment Services (IQAS), Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education, the videos and associated resources are available for free use and download from http://www.norquest.ca/navigating-the-interview. We encourage you to share these resources with your colleagues and to submit any feedback on the resources and how you are adapting them for your learners and context to icinfo@norquest.ca.