We are eager to showcase our information “hub” centre! This library has a range of resources relevant to individuals who work and volunteer in the ESL community. If you are looking for information check out our collection,  which includes website links, documents, articles, activities, fact sheets and so much more.


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English as a Second Language Podcast

These help students learn pronunciation and word usage in a conversational context. 

Many Things

Many things: This site includes a variety of exercises and interactive activities for ESL students. 

Passages to Canada

Passages to Canada: This site features listening videos of people recounting their stories of coming to Canada. 

ESL Library

ESL Library: ESL Library has over 800 ready-made, student-centred lessons and over2000 vocabulary images for professional English teachers.

Eye on Literacy

Eye on Literacy: Provides quality visuals as instructional resources that capitalize on the oral language skills of adult second language literacy learners with limited schooling.

DO NOW – When do we do this? Please DO NOW!

Learners enter the classroom, check their Facebook, chat, look around, wait, take out books, look for a pencil, etc.

OR . . .

Learners enter the classroom, pull out their DO NOW sheet and complete a 4 to 5 minute, individual, pencil-to-paper activity. 

How do I learn this? – Three-sided index cards for

Has a learner ever asked you, ‘How do I learn this?” 

Welcome to Canada Videos

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has recently had one of their Welcome to Canada videos, Your First Two Weeks in Canada, dubbed into Arabic. 


Fast Feedback: How are we doing

A learner yawns, another smiles, yet another is doodling. How is your class, workshop, or presentation going? Are you going too slowly or too fast? Are learners feeling confused, or is all going well? Do all your learners feel the same way? 

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