We are eager to showcase our information “hub” centre! This library has a range of resources relevant to individuals who work and volunteer in the ESL community. If you are looking for information check out our collection,  which includes website links, documents, articles, activities, fact sheets and so much more.


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Language Teaching and Learning Strategies

This ESL blog is managed by an expert English Language instructor.

Critical Incidents for Intercultural Communication

The Critical Incidents videos and resources help users develop effective communication in culturally diverse workplaces contexts for internationally educated professionals and Canadian-born professionals.  

Intercultural Competence for TESL Instructors

Title: Intercultural Communicative Competence for TESL Instructors. Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL) and the Center for Intercultural Education conducted a research project focused on understanding current practices to integrate intercultural communicative competence (ICC) into ESL instruction, curriculum and professional development in Alberta.  

Toolbox for ESL Tutors

TToolbox for ESL tutors: An instruction guide for teaching English as a second language to newcomers, by Marlene A. Piontech. Toronto: Frontier College 2000, 428.3407 P66 2000 

Canadian Citizenship Practice Test

Canadian citizenship practice test. Richmond: Richmond Public Library, 2008. Consists of over 100 multiple-choice questions based on A Look at Canada, 2007 edition.

Activities for ESL Students

Find  Quizzes, tests, exercises, and puzzles to help English Language Learners.

Using CLBs to help Students Reflect

"Many checklists are available to help you and your students track their progression with the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs). I found these checklists did not give me all the information I wanted at a glance. So I adapted a checklist that I use with my students, allowing both the student and me to see at a glance what benchmarks the student is developing and/or achieving".

- Martha Urquhart.

VESL: Volunteer with ESL Learners

A great website for volunteers with ESL learners.

Easy Pace Learning

For students: Basic English lessons, grammar, vocabulary, and exercises at an easy pace  

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