Adult ESL literacy resource: Survival Guide

The following book is valuable resource:

Adult ESL literacy resource: Survival Guide for Instructors, by Janet Massaro. Vancouver: ELSA Net, 2004.

Supports ESL instructors who have literacy learners in their classes. For instructors who are TESL/TESOL trained, have some experience in community-based adult ESL programs, and are familiar with current ESL teaching methods.

The purpose of this Guide is to support ESL instructors who have  literacy learners in their class.  The Guide identifies 12 challenges and presents ideas  on how to approach each one, lists relevant resources, and gives a sample lesson progression highlighting one of the  approaches. In addition, there is an extensive annotated  bibliography referring instructors to available print, web and instructional resources. 

The Guide also includes a Top Ten List of resources which could be used  as the  foundation of a Literacy resource collection".