DO NOW – When do we do this? Please DO NOW!

Learners enter the classroom, check their Facebook, chat, look around, wait, take out books, look for a pencil, etc.

OR . . .

Learners enter the classroom, pull out their DO NOW sheet and complete a 4 to 5 minute, individual, pencil-to-paper activity. 

This could be a review of recent learning or a warm-up to new material. Learners are engaged and ready for learning immediately upon entering the classroom.





Examples of DO NOW activities:

  •        Draw a map of how these three ideas are related.
  •        Copy these five glossary words. Draw and define them.
  •        Write three sentences describing what you have learned since the beginning of the course.
  •        Brainstorm at least five uses of an apple.
  •        Write down one question you have about today’s topic.
  •        Place these listed steps in order.


Some instructors mark the DO NOW sheets daily or weekly, or just review them as part of the lesson and collect them at the end of the week for participation marks. It has been suggested that DO NOW activities increase attendance and test marks.


When learners ask when to do them, you say, “Please DO NOW!”




*This Three Terrific Teaching Tips (4T) have been selected from over 120 Tuesday’s Terrific Teaching Tips (4T) which are NorQuest faculty sharing and celebrating best practices and tips with each other on teaching, facilitating, assessing, or one to one work with our learners. (From February 27, 2016).