Fast Feedback: How are we doing

A learner yawns, another smiles, yet another is doodling. How is your class, workshop, or presentation going? Are you going too slowly or too fast? Are learners feeling confused, or is all going well? Do all your learners feel the same way? 

Fast Feedback is a method of obtaining anonymous formative feedback from your class, workshop, or presentation. It involves asking learners two questions (for example in a workshop): 

  1.           What have you liked in first half?
  2.           What do you want to see done differently in the second half?


Each learner writes an answer on an index card. While they are having a break or doing an activity, you scan the cards and adjust your instruction according to their needs. As well, you can summarize the Fast Feedback and present it back to the learners, telling them what people like, and any changes you will make.


In the classroom, Fast Feedback can be done every couple of weeks so that you can then adjust the class accordingly.




*This Terrific Teaching Tips (4T) have been selected from over 120 Tuesday’s Terrific Teaching Tips (4T) which are NorQuest faculty sharing and celebrating best practices and tips with each other on teaching, facilitating, assessing, or one to one work with our learners. (From Oct 22, 2013).

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