Regional Needs Assessment

Alberta Advanced Education and Technology (AET) published the Roles and Mandates Policy Framework in 2007. This document articulated the Ministry’s plan to organize post-secondary learning in Alberta into a six-sector model. NorQuest College was assigned the role of a Comprehensive Community Institution and was mandated to facilitate adult learning activity within an assigned geographic area across Central Alberta.

This region, identified as the Edmonton Region by AET, is home to approximately 1.5 million Albertans (including
residents of Edmonton) in more than 125 communities. To fulfill our regional stewardship responsibilities for
adult learners in the region, NorQuest College sought out community partners and assisted them in building and
maintaining regional and community advisory councils. Additionally, NorQuest designed and administered two versions
of a survey to ascertain the adult learning requirements of community residents and employers. This document
contains the data and information collected from more than 1,300 respondents who completed one or both versions
of the Adult Learning Survey.

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