Using CLBs to help Students Reflect

"Many checklists are available to help you and your students track their progression with the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLBs). I found these checklists did not give me all the information I wanted at a glance. So I adapted a checklist that I use with my students, allowing both the student and me to see at a glance what benchmarks the student is developing and/or achieving".

- Martha Urquhart.

Martha Urquhart, the Language Instructor at NorQuest College, uses her adapted checklist with CLB 3 literacy learners and up. For the lower levels, she provides students with labels identifying the task. They have only to fill in the date and percentage received. Higher levels can fill in the name of the task (which she provides). 


To learn more about how Martha Uses CLBs to help students reflect on their learning, read her full article available in the attachment. She also includes a checklist template called, "Ongoing Assessment".


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