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mentoringOur mentorship services support the application of knowledge and resources use to support ESL programming within the providers’ community context. Providers can connect to this services through web conferencing tools, face-to-face, emails and phone calls. This service addresses topics that concern the ESL community. Our trained and experienced regional consultants align with the Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL), the professional association for ESL practice in Alberta, Canadian Language Benchmarks, ongoing NorQuest research and Provincial Government recommendations as a guideline outcome based process.

Mentorship sessions are organic in nature. These sessions are ESL practitioner-driven, and the topic(s) discussed are guided by the ESL practitioner.  Mentorship sessions occur post-workshop, ad hoc, or scheduled. Based on the needs of ESL programs and providers, the level of mentorship engagement is determined. Mentorship sessions can consist of a series of progressive conversations, referrals, resource reviews, and ESL-related organizational support. To book a mentorship session contact your Rual Routes Regional Consultant today! 

Sample Mentorship Topics: 

  • Assessment
  • Starting a ESL Program
  • Workplace English
  • Learning disabilities
  • Intake testing
  • Workplace English training
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Candaian Language Benchmarks