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Introducing our Full-time Regional Advisors:

Dorte Weber

Region 1 – North

Dorte Weber is the team lead for the Rural Routes project and also the advisor for Regions 1 and 2. Dorte has taught ESL for over ten years and managed ESL programs for another 13 years. She holds an M.Ed. TESL degree from University of Alberta. 
Dorte's interests include assessment, grammar and vocabulary as well as intercultural communication and bilingualism. (780) 644-6758 or (890) 720-4152.

Lia dela Cruz

Region 3 – Central

Rosalia Pison dela Cruz (Lia dela Cruz) has been an ESL practitioner for 35 years -- 12 of those in Canada and the rest in her home country, the Philippines. She started out as an English teacher to high school and university students. Adult education came later as an ESL instructor in MacEwan University and in NorQuest College. In the Philippines, she was also a teacher trainer, conducting outreach workshops for teachers in rural areas outside Metro Manila. She has worked many years as a language assessor including a brief stint with Catholic Social Services. At home in Edmonton, she enjoys family bike rides and camping in the summer but has only briefly tried skiing in the winter. She counts herself lucky to be able to do all that with the backdrop of the Rockies and Prairies in Alberta. or 780.644.6575

Alana Johnson

Region 4 – South

Alana Johnson was born, raised and currently resides in Southern Alberta.  She has her Master’s Degree in Theology from St. Andrew’s College in Saskatoon and worked 20 years for the United Church of Canada as ordained clergy.  For the past nine years Alana has worked as an ESL literacy instructor for the Taber and District Community Adult Learning Association in their Families Learning Together Program.  She is also trained as an essential skills specialist, and has worked with many businesses and organizations in this field for the past 4 years.  Alana is motivated and excited to share her experience and knowledge within NorQuest College’s Rural Routes program. or 780-644.6301