We are eager to showcase our information “hub” centre! This library has a range of resources relevant to individuals who work and volunteer in the ESL community. If you are looking for information check out our collection,  which includes website links, documents, articles, activities, fact sheets and so much more.


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Language Pedagogy

Teaching by principles: An interactive approach to language pedagogy 

How to teach English

Language teaching skills and methodology book with DVD

How do I learn this? – Three-sided index cards for

Has a learner ever asked you, ‘How do I learn this?” 

Fast Feedback: How are we doing

A learner yawns, another smiles, yet another is doodling. How is your class, workshop, or presentation going? Are you going too slowly or too fast? Are learners feeling confused, or is all going well? Do all your learners feel the same way? 

Eye on Literacy

Eye on Literacy: Provides quality visuals as instructional resources that capitalize on the oral language skills of adult second language literacy learners with limited schooling.

ESL Literacy Readers

In this resource, you will find a selection of theme-based readers along with an instructors guide that will support ESL literacy instructors to create comprehensive, theme-based lessons for adult ESL literacy learners.

ESL Literacy Network

The ESL Literacy Network, is an online community of practice that provides resources and information to support the professional development of ESL literacy practitioners.

ESL Literacy

The English Language Learning Department at Bow Valley College in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a national leader in ESL literacy. The content of the ESL Literacy Network is informed by years of research and practice. 

ESL Library

ESL Library: ESL Library has over 800 ready-made, student-centred lessons and over2000 vocabulary images for professional English teachers.

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