We are eager to showcase our information “hub” centre! This library has a range of resources relevant to individuals who work and volunteer in the ESL community. If you are looking for information check out our collection,  which includes website links, documents, articles, activities, fact sheets and so much more.


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ESL Financial Literacy Toolbox

The Financial ESL Literacy Toolbox, developed by Bow Valley College,

ESL Essentials for the New Teacher or Tutor

Working with newcomers to Canada is extremely rewarding, and it helps us build strong and inclusive communities.

ESL Online Resources-- Capilano University

This website has links to various online ESL resources.

ERPAC (ESL Resource Pkg for AB Communities)

Welcome to the exciting, challenging, and rewarding job of teaching English as a second language (ESL). We have prepared this resource package as a guide and support for you in the classroom.

English Online

English Online offers free online interactive activities that can be accessed through this website without registration. 

English Grammar

Every ESL teacher has to teach grammar, even if “English grammar” is not a specific course. 

English Grammar

An online collection of grammar tests and tutorials.

English as a Second Language Podcast

These help students learn pronunciation and word usage in a conversational context. 

DO NOW – When do we do this? Please DO NOW!

Learners enter the classroom, check their Facebook, chat, look around, wait, take out books, look for a pencil, etc.

OR . . .

Learners enter the classroom, pull out their DO NOW sheet and complete a 4 to 5 minute, individual, pencil-to-paper activity. 

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