Rural Routes Tip Sheets

Rural Routes tip sheets include topics such as Working with Wikis, Learning Assessment, ESL Literacy, Needs Assessment, and How to Become an ESL Teacher.


Designed for ESL/ELL/EAL coordinators, instructors, learning facilitators, volunteer tutors. Tip sheet topics include:

  1. NEW: Useful Websites for ESL Teachers and Students
  2. Starting a Classroom
  3. Lesson Planning for Small Groups
  4. Lesson Planning for One-on-One Instruction
  5. ESL Essentials for the New Teacher or Tutor
  6. Settlement Services and Language Assessment 
  7. ‘Steps on How to Start an ESL Program’ (side 1)  and ‘How do Learners Progress through the Program’ (side 2)
  8. Learner Assessment 
  9. Working with Wikis
  10. The Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB)
  11. So you want to be an ESL teacher
  12. Needs Assessment
  13. Learning Disabilities
  14. Key Resources
  15. English for Specific Purpose (ESP)/ English in the Workplace (EWP)
  16. ESL Acronyms for the Uninitiated
  17. Working with ESL Literacy Learners
  18. Capacity- Building Workshops
  19. Learning English Apps- Apple
  20. Learning English Apps- Android


Rural Routes Tip Sheets are created by Sara Gnida, Linda Manimtim, and Janis Goad ESL Rural Routes Regional Advisors.