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Booking Services with Alberta Routes

Rural Routes aims to support ESL programs and providers with free, high-quality services.

How to book our services:

1. Contact us by phone or email. Your regional Alberta Routes Advisor would love to hear from you.
2. We check in with sites three times a year by phone. Please use these conversations with your Alberta Routes Advisor to discuss how we can best meet your needs.
3. Alberta Routes Advisors participate in mini-conferences, regional CALP meetings, the ATESL conference, the Literacy and Learning Symposium, and other events. During these events we would love to talk to you about the services we provide, and find ways to meet your needs.

Connect with us:


We offer:

A wide variety of professional development services to the ESL Community. To Learn more about these services, click on the above orange web page tabs.

We serve:

The Alberta Routes initiative supports English language programing and services in rural and small urban communities throughout Alberta. 

We work with, support, and serve: 

  • Coordinators, Learning Facilitators, and Tutors who work with ESL learners in the 130 Community Adult Learning Programs (CALP)‐funded organizations across Alberta;
  • Instructors with other small agencies and community-based adult learning providers in urban and rural centres that provide adult ESL training and support for immigrants;
  • Community agencies, post‐secondary institutions, library programs, and other ESL providers within rural and small urban communities who have limited expertise in the area of immigrant education.

Have questions or concerns about your ESL program or specific learner needs, we can offer suggestions, instruction support, and tutoring approaches as well as resources to support you and your learners.

The Alberta Routes regional consultant team offers mentorship services, professional development (PD) workshops, and PD needs assessment that are adapted to the specific needs of the community.


Contact the Alberta Routes regional advisor in your area to book our FREE services today!