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Rural Routes Online 

Rural Routes has diversified our service delivery model to now include online learning opportunities through web-conferencing tools. Typically these online workshops are 2-2.5 hours long. In some cases more time is needed to address an ESL related subject, so the topic is divided into a series of progressive sessions. Rural Routes offers web-based PD workshops to ESL programs and providers to enrich and enhance our service delivery, and not as a way to replace our face-to-face delivery mode. The original Rural Routes PD workshops are adapted for an e-learning platform and pedagogy. Rural Routes also collaborates with strategic partners and stakeholders to offer online workshops.

Current Rural Routes Workshop Topics that are Offered Online

  • ESL Tutor Training
  • Assessment
  • Strategies for Teaching Grammar
  • Interactive Strategies for Teaching Speaking
  • Strategies for Teaching Pronunciation: Part 1 &2
  • Strategies for Teaching Reading (and vocabulary)
  • Strategies for Teaching Writing
  • Strategies for Teaching Listening
  • And many more!

Current Online Partners


Signing up for an online session is easy! Just go to the “events” page and complete our simple registration form.


Missed an online session and want to view the recording? While not all online workshops are available as a recording, the ones that are can be found here: